Promozione Websen 2016 Estate


Webzen sta celebrando il Estate 2016 come si deve e noi vi offriamo una speciale promozione valida da oggi al 28 Giugno 2016. Scegliete uno dei loro giochi (solo uno! I codici sono limitati a un solo gioco) tra: ASTA, ELOA, Flyff, Mu Online, C9 e Rappelz, e acchiappate il vostro codice.

Questi sono gli oggetti che otterrete e variano a seconda del gioco:


- Pocket of 20 Soul Stones / A currency used in our Item Shop
- Arita's Blessing (1 hour) +50% EXP / when killing monsters
- Urma's Blessing (1 hour) / +30% gold when killing monsters
- Strange Fate Stone bundle / Increases Normal Stat Enhancement
- Noble Soul / Increases Divine Spirit summoning
- Elixir of Dowa / Allows you to reset Stat Points
- River of Three Crossings Water / Allows you to reset Talent Points
- Soryura's Boxed Golden Bell (7 days) / Allows you to summon a merchant


- Psyche Wing (7 days) / Evasion -400, Decrease cooldown of all skills -4%, Decrease incapacitated duration -4.5%
- Premium service (14 days) / You can get more EXP, gold, honor points
- Elite+4 Weapon Reinforcement Scroll (50%) / 50% chance to enhance weapon by +4 tiers instantly
- Elite+4 Armor Reinforcement Scroll (50%) / 50% chance to enhance armor by +4 tiers instantly
- Eva's breath / This item immediately resurrects your character
- Eva's tear / Recovers total HP and MP by 100%


- Stamina Saver / A stamina saver starts a one hour duration buff. While this buff is active you do not consume stamina points when you receive the stamina bonus JP and EXP.
- Helmet Crab (30 days) /This pet combines form and function in one compact package.
- This pet will collect loot for you in a 15 meter radius.
- Summer Beachwear Box (28 days) / A box containing beachwear items.
- Bubble Crab (28 days) / Decorative Shoulder Piece. Creature Vitality, Strength and Agility increased by 50.
- Lucky potion / Drop rate is increased twice during 1 hour. The effect will not disappear while dead.
- Animal Cracker / Eating this tasty cracker will grant your pet 50% bonus EXP from killing monsters for 1 hour. EXP is gained even if the pet is higher level than its master.
- Special HP Potion / Automatically recovers HP to 100% when it drops below 50%.
- Special MP Potion / Automatically recovers HP to 100% when it drops below 20%.

MU Online

- Helpful Items, including the Scroll package and a pet, when killing monsters.


- Leona's Potion / Increase HP/MP Regen when used
- Extreme Training 100% (1 hour) / Increase EXP by 100% for 1 hour
- Resurrection Scroll [x10] / Enable you resurrect in dungeons
- Extreme Potion Package / Package of useful potions
- Wing: Akene's Messenger (1 day) / Apply a buff and enable teleportation in town


- Upcut Stone (Event) / Magic stone that adds 20% Attack
- Refresher Hold (Event) /A curious blue potion that grants the imbiber unlimited Magic Points (MP) for a limited time. Note that this item is no trade.
- Vital Drink X (Event) / A very strong energy drink that completely refills the imbiber's Focus Points (FP) while granting unlimited - FP for a limited time. Note that this item is no trade.
- Grilled Eel / Provides +50% HP for 1 hour.
- European Union Flag Cloak / Wear your country's colors with pride!
- Penguin Buff Pet Box (7 days) / This little Penguin will work diligently to follow you around to pick up items and provide buffs.
- Mantle of the Raven (7 days) / Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary. Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore. Maximum Speed: 269 km/h.

Per ottenere un pacchetto seguite semplicemente le istruzioni:

1) Assicuratevi di non perdere mai una promozione seguendoci su Facebook e Twitter:

2) Completate il captcha, inserite il vostro indirizzo email nell'apposito campo qui sopra (accanto al pulsante "Get Your Key"). Potrete registrarvi soltanto una volta per questa promozione. Se è la prima volta che utilizzate il nostro sistema, controllate la vostra casella di posta per verificarla e reinseritela nel campo della promozione.

3) Eseguite l'accesso con il vostro account o registratevi a ASTA, ELOA, Flyff, Mu Online, C9 e Rappelz.

4) Andate qui ed eseguite l'accesso con il vostro account.

5) Scegliete gioco, paese, server e personaggio (nota: la scelta in ogni categoria è diversa per ogni gioco)

6) Inserite il codice e cliccate su "redeem code". Gli oggetti verranno consegnati all'account o al personaggio selezionato.


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